D-Day, 6th June 1944

D-Day, 6th June 1944, a living memorial of the Second World War

4 Days
Departure from your Parisian residence with our private chauffeur

Period: May to October

The D-Day, 6th June 1944 tour is an immersion into the history of the Second World War and the D-Day landings… so many tales to recount of the historical sites, dedicated to the living memory of this decisive chapter in the history of the world. Our tour pays tribute to the Allied soldiers who gave their lives, with strength and courage, to liberate France. We have organized the visits in the spirit of sharing and meeting people, to reconcile the duty of remembrance, which gives way to emotion, with breathing the fresh air of discovery of Honfleur, one of the most beautiful villages in Normandy. Over a thousand years of history, this small town which, in the footsteps of English water colour and landscape painters in the nineteenth century, has remained an exceptional artistic centre. Our wish is for you to experience enthralling moments of surprise and discovery interlaced with stories and fine regional food.

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Our tour is organized with Passages Secrets’ local born guides who convey with passion, dignity and emotion, the astonishing stories of this historic day in June 1944.


Day 1
Departure from Paris at 1.00pm

Three short hours out of Paris you will arrive in Bayeux, the medieval town with its thousand years of intense history. The arrival at your hotel, an eighteenth century town house, will be gentle. Our Norman Ambassador will meet you there to take you through the narrow streets of Bayeux. You will be in awe of the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral and the architecture of this town, made world-famous by its eleventh century Bayeux Tapestry, depicting the invasion of England by William the Conqueror in 1066.

Dinner unaccompanied: Your guide will take you to a restaurant close to the hotel for a moment of freedom and pure pleasure.

Night: You will spend the night in the eighteenth century classified town house in the historic centre of Bayeux, a hotel famous for its unquestionable charm.


Day 2
Departure at 9.00am

We will adapt your tour according to your wishes and your nationality, to ensure you see American, British, Canadian, Australian and New-Zealand memorial sites.
With your guide at your side, you will board an authentic Willys Jeep and head for the landing beaches. You will drive through Sainte-Mère-Eglise, famous for the parachutists that landed there, and you will visit the Airborne Museum, which retraces the history of the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions. Visit of Utah Beach and La Pointe du Hoc, the towering cliffs conquered by the Rangers, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel (Big Jim) Rudder – visit Omaha Beach – the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer or the British Military Cemetery. All sacred sites devoted to the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives to liberate France in 1944.

Lunch: A relaxed and friendly lunch on the seafront, at one of the restaurants we have selected for its charm and good food which will rapture your taste buds!

Return: Bayeux at around 6.30pm – Night at the hotel.

Dinner unaccompanied: We will advise you according to your tastes and wishes.


Day 3
Departure at 9.00am

Go with your guide on the discovery of one of the rare private military fortresses in Normandy. An awe-inspiring construction built by William the Conqueror’s companions. A thousand years later, the American army turned it into a strategic site facing the enemy. You will explore a twelfth century Abbey. The anecdotes are so numerous that we will leave the honour of recounting them to our guide!

Lunch: A gastronomic pause is in order with scallops and a lunch at the little fishing port of Port-en-Bessin which has retained its charm intact and where Seurat and Signac painted a few scenes. Let us not forget the major role this town played in the D-Day landings: liberated on the 7th June by the British 47th Royal Marine Commandos, who had landed the day before on Gold beach. It became the Invasion’s vital petrol port.

Afternoon: You will start with a stroll through one of the rare and remarkable French gardens, still remaining from the seventeenth century. A moment to breathe and take your time to enjoy it!

Evening and night: You are now at a 4-star Château. This domain will surprise you with its rich history and the important role it played, both for the Germans, as their headquarters and telecommunications centre, and the Americans. Today, it is a haven of peace. You can unwind for an evening under the Normandy skies with a gastronomic dinner using products from Norman farms.


Day 4

Normandy leaves us no choice but to invite you to take the time to live at your own pace.

Two possibilities for your day:

  • Take full advantage of the hotel, an eighteenth century ancient manor and its idyllic setting with its swimming pool, 12-hectare park with its orangery, rosery and exotic trees. Lunch at around noon, followed by an hour’s drive to Honfleur to visit the town with your guide.
  • Leave after breakfast (at around 10.00am) without hurrying, to visit Honfleur with your guide and have lunch on the port.

Departure from Honfleur around 4.00pm, to arrive in Paris at around 7.00pm

We hereby present a base for your trip. However depending on your response to our contact form and on your involvment, we will be able to design a travel book, just for you.

Our prices include:

  • The service of our conference guides for the entire duration of the tour.
  • The transport with our private chauffeur – Mercedes E-Class (2 pers.) or Mercedes V-Class (6 pers.). All other vehicules on request.
  • The tour is organized from and to your residence in Paris. For all other cities in France or abroad, please contact us.
  • Our prices include all expenses (petrol, toll, others) departing from Paris. For all other towns in France or abroad, please contact us.
  • Our concierge service. Passages Secrets is at your disposal during your entire journey.

Day 1 (from 1.00pm to 7.00pm)

  • Visit of Bayeux: The Notre-Dame Cathedral and the William the Conqueror Tapestry.
  • Admission fees to all sites visited.
  • Return to the hotel on your own.
  • 2 hotel nights: Town house in Bayeux (44 m2 Junior suite), breakfast included.

Day 2 (from 9.00am to 6.00pm)

  • The service of our conference guide onboard a Willys Jeep.
  • Admission fees to all sites visited.
  • Return to the hotel on your own.

Day 3 (from 9.00am to 6.00pm)

  • Day with our conference guide in a chauffeur-driven car.
  • Admission fees to all sites visited.
  • 1 night: 4-star Hotel (luxury room) – Small Luxury group, buffet breakfast included.

Day 4: Arrival in Paris at around 7.00pm

  • Departure from the hotel at either 10.00am or 12.30pm.
  • Return to your residence in Paris with our private chauffeur.

Our prices do not include:

  • Day 1: Dinner with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 2: Bistronomic lunch on the seafront with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 2: Dinner with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 3: Bistronomic lunch with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 3: Gastronomic dinner at the Château with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 4: Botanic lunch at the Château or in the Honfleur harbour with Menu à la Carte.
  • Wine and alcoholic drinks consumed during your meals.
  • The drinks in your hotel rooms.
  • Your personal expenses.
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Please note:

  • Possibility of booking your transport by plane or train, departing from your residence in France or abroad, through our partner travel agent. Please contact us.
  • Possibility of booking your hotel room in Paris for the previous night (Day-1) and the last night (Day 4) through our services. Please contact us.
  • Day 1: Departure from Paris – Day 4: return to Paris.
  • The tour is conducted in either English or French.
  • For golfers, you can extend your stay at the 36-hole Omaha Beach Golf Club. Please contact us.
  • For fans of French cuisine, we can organise a culinary workshop. Please contact us.
Prices in euros.
Payment: 100 % upon reservation. For cancellation fees, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.
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