Voyage to Limousin

Experience Limousin unique tour, a voyage to a green land of discreet luxury

4 Days
Departure from your Parisian residence with our private chauffeur
Possible pick-up directly from the Limoges train station or airport

Period: May to October

Advice: As the train journey from Paris to Limoges is not very comfortable, we would suggest being driven from Paris by our private chauffeur. If not, we can organise a transfer by plane from Paris, or from any other location, through our partner travel agent.

As you will discover soon, this experience Limousin unique tour takes you to a region full of surprises. In other words it is a rare jewel, a treasure trove of precious materials. We drive you to Limoges, to discover the flagship companies specialised in the Arts of the Table. This traditional town, known as the City of the Arts of Fire, is famous for its enamel, porcelain and stained glass. 2 000 years of history and state-of-the-art technology have come together, thanks to the prestigious Bernardaud, Guérin, Haviland, JL Coquet, Pouyat, Raynaud and Royal Limoges Houses. They continue to manufacture a major part of the world’s great collections and to forge the know-how that made the local artisanal and industrial heritage famous still unique to this day.

From the ninth century on, this agricultural region has equally been renowned for its leather-workers and tanneries. You discover the authentic and prestigious luxury of Pure Leather through a visit to some of France’s leading leather goods, gloves, boots and saddlery brands. To the present day, and due to the rare know-how and excellence of the local creative craftsmen, these companies are particularly sought after in the world of Haute-Couture.

You can taste the plentiful gastronomic cuisine, unanimously celebrated for the superior quality of its beef, its species of pork (the famous Cul-Noir), and for the delicate aromas of the astounding cèpe and morille mushrooms. To perfect your meals, you can succumb to the taste of the traditional pastries. Between experiences and visits, our Limousin escapade is an invaluable adventure to encounter exceptional manufacturers, creative craftsmen and talented chefs with their magnificent products and sites.

Vincent is your Ambassador and chauffeur for this taylor-made tour in Limousin. As a true butler and companion, he enthusiastically and passionetly presents you the very best the region has to offer.

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Day 1
Departure from your Parisian residence at 2.00pm

After a four-hour drive, you arrive in Limoges. A 4-star hotel, plunged in an ocean of greenery, welcomes you for a first experience of Limousin lifestyle. Gilles, the owner of this family domain, is deeply attached to his region, albeit open to the world. With simplicity and style, he has created a venue which truly expresses his love of cuisine. His passion for the arts was inherited, and it is this refinement that denotes the style of his nineteenth century porcelain-makers’ family home. A calm and gastronomic pause in absolute comfort!

Day 2
Departure from the hotel at 9.30am

To start your unique exprience in Limousin, you cross the lush green countryside which is ravishing in all seasons. The City of Ceramics in Limoges is just 15 minutes away. Firstly you discover the richest collection of ceramics in the world, with works representing each great era of the history of ceramic art. Then the tour continues with an impressive visit to the factory.

A bistronomic lunch takes place in a landmark for gourmets and gourmands. The chef uses the freshest local products to create traditional recipes. After this tasty break, the escapade continueswith the visit of one of the most beautiful and traditional French houses, which rolls out more than 150 years of history.

Around 4.30pm, it is time to meet the actors of the luxury universe, in an area dedicated to French know-how and manufacturing, specialising in leather goods, gloves, saddlery and furniture design.

Return around 6.00pm with dinner at the hotel: the gastronomic heritage of the region internationnally recognized is made of ceps, sweet chestnuts, truffles, foie gras, milky veal, lamb… It is just one short epicurean step, from the local producers to the gourmet dinner at your gastronomic table.

Day 3
Departure from the hotel at 9.30am

A day all about leather. We take you into the countryside where nature provides the leather. We would like you to discover houses which still remain confidential, where luxury meets creation – the envy of the whole world.

Between glove-making, master shoe and boot-makers, the workshops are dedicated to excellence.

Bistronomic lunch: a gentle bucolic mix of the local regional products.

And now on to Nontron’s Artisanal Cutlery and its history dating back to the fifteenth century. Today the Laguiole forge, working with international designers, has elevated knife-making to a fine art, with the determination to prove to the world at large, that the oldest of French knives are at the cutting-edge of the third millennium.

Evening and dinner: Your Limousin escapade will whisk you away to an extraordinary location. You will be welcomed in a 5-star resort hotel where time stands still. In this unspoilt paradise, with forests, pastures, a natural park and a lake, time stops for you to relax and savour magical moments. The Château has a rich history spanning several centuries and its architecture is ravishing. If you have a yearning for harmony and a passion for art, your senses will be enthralled to find such an enchanting place.

Dinner at the Château: A 100% creative and culinary adventure into the local regional cuisine.

Day 4

Morning off: To fully appreciate and take advantage of the domain, wander through the park and grounds, to the surrounding pastures, lakes and forests. The site is a haven of peace where man’s touch has balanced harmony with pristine nature.

Departure after lunch – arrival at your Parisian residence at around 6.30pm.

We hereby present a base for your trip. However depending on your response to our contact form and on your involvment, we will be able to design a travel book, just for you.

Our prices include:

  • The service of our conference guide for the entire duration of the tour.
  • The transport with our private chauffeur – Mercedes E-Class (2 pers.) or Mercedes V-Class (6 pers.). All other vehicules on request.
  • The tour is organized from and to your residence in Paris. For all other cities in France or abroad, please contact us.
  • Our prices include all expenses (petrol, toll, others) departing from Paris. For all other cities in France or abroad, please contact us.
  • Our concierge service. Passages Secrets is at your disposal during your entire journey.

Day 1 (from 2.00pm to 6.30pm)

  • The transport with our private chauffeur from your residence in Paris to La Chapelle Saint-Martin.
  • 2 hotel nights – spacious room (30-35m2) with breakfast included.

Day 2 (from 9.30am to 6.30pm)

  • Visits to the City of Ceramics (la Cité de la Céramique), and to the Fondation Bernardaud Porcelaine Manufacturer, Luxury & Excellence showroom.
  • Admission fees to all sites visited.

 Day 3 (from 9.30am to 6.30pm)

  • Departure from the hotel. Discovery visit of prestigious manufacturers and luxury artisan-creators.
  • Admission fees to all sites visited.
  • Arrival at the Château – 5-star Resort Hotel.

Day 4 (from 2.00pm to 6.30pm)

  • Departure from the hotel after lunch.
  • Return to your Parisian residence by private chauffeur (470 km).

Our prices do not include:

  • Day 1: Gastronomic dinner. Blend of food and wine – 3 glasses selected by the sommelier.
  • Day 2: Bistronomic lunch in Limoges with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 2: Dinner at the hotel – Menu Cuisine bourgeoise.
  • Day 3: Bistronomic lunch – Menu at the Table du Moulin.
  • Day 3: Dinner at the Château – Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 4: Lunch at the hotel – Menu of the Day.
  • Wine and alcoholic drinks consumed during your meals.
  • The drinks in your hotel rooms.
  • Your personal expenses.
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Please note:

  • Possibility of booking your transport by plane or train, departing from your residence in France or abroad, through our partner travel agent. Please contact us.
  • Possibility of booking your hotel room in Paris for the previous night (Day-1) and the last night (Day 4) through our services. Please contact us.
  • The tour is organized in either English or French.
  • Possibility of booking beauty treatments on the 3rd and 4th day. Please contact us.
Prices in euros.
Payment: 100 % upon reservation. For cancellation fees, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.
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