Travel in Brittany

Experience Brittany unique tour, in the country of Clos-Poulet. En route to Saint-Malo, Cancale, Mont-Saint-Michel and Dinard.

 5 days

Departure from your Parisian residence with our private chauffeur

Period: all year round

Pick up by  private chauffeur from your Parisian residence for a transfer to the Paris-Montparnasse train station.

Welcome to the Cité Malouine, Saint-Malo. Firstly, we take you through the history of this region. It is intimately linked to the explorers and the great maritime trade under Louis XIV, which earned it the worldwide reputation of a corsair city in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Gourmets, you will be delighted by an oyster tasting and the discovery of an oyster farming park. Gastronomes, you will be enchanted by the culinary art of local chefs. Curious and observant, you will be seduced by the landscapes and architectural heritage of the region. Sailors, you will hold the helm and stay the course!

In short, the escapade to the country of Clos-Poulet is an adventure of discoveries and experiences to share. Four centuries of history and culture will be explored. You will meet Malouins, Cancalais and Dinardais, all passionate about the art of transmitting and sharing their knowledge. They will show you a living and flourishing Brittany.

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Arrival Day 1

Arriving in Saint-Malo in the late afternoon, you are greeted by a Passages Secret’s Ambassador for your transfer to the innner city. We have selected a four-star hotel, a unique place steeped in history, a real witness to the evolution of the city of corsairs for over a century.

Breathe in the ocean and enjoy a walk at your own pace. Let yourself be tempted by a moment of relaxation in the wellness area of your hotel. Likewise we recommend that you dine at the hotel for a gourmet and tasty getaway.

Day 2

Departure at 9.00am 

Departure from the hotel at 9.00am. Your are transported through the great history of France during the time of the Compagnie des Indes, a captivating time.

In the morning, you discover what the city of Saint-Malo looked like at the time of the great maritime trade. You are also engaged in the extraordinary tales of privateers such as René Duguay-Trouin, Robert Surcouf and Jacques Cartier who went out to conquer the New World. Firstly you go around Saint-Malo and its ramparts, a fortified city since the 12th century. Then in the heart of the city you arrive in a private mansion built in the 17th century by a wealthy shipowner from Saint-Malo, a masterful place with a romantic history.

Lunch in the heart of Saint-Malo. Our promise will be hold, talents will whip you up with delicious dishes. Of course conviviality, precision and a hint of impertinence are at the rendez-vous for the pleasure of your taste buds.

The afternoon has not finished surprising you. Departure from Saint-Malo for the Clos-Poulet countryside. The path opens towards one of the fabulous Malouinières which testifies to a world in its own right.

Built between 1660 and 1740, these mansions do not reflect the wealth of the shipowners, who preferred discretion and modesty far from the fury of the sea. Imbued with the salty smell of the offshore winds, these holiday homes are characterised by a distinctive architectural style and landscaping where the art of living and legends combine.

The afternoon continues towards Cancale, a charming fishing port. A remarkable site of taste and protected from the winds, Cancale is full of typical Breton products. Seafood lovers, let yourself be tempted by a tasting of hollow or flat oysters accompanied by a glass of white wine. Fascinated by the terroir, enjoy a pancake with a bowl of cider.

After that you enjoy an evening of plenitude, in the hinterland in unison with nature. You are in a Relais & Château hotel. The 18th century estate is an invitation to wander. Stroll through the gardens and groves to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

Dinner. At the castle restaurant, in an elegant and romantic setting. The chef invites you to a tasteful meal inspired by the Spice route. Smiling and dynamic, taste a passionate cuisine and breathe the influence of the Compagnie malouine des Indes.

Day 3

Departure at 9.30am

Departure from the hotel at 9.30am. On the way to Mont Saint-Michel you discover a marine farm and the work of oyster farmers. The seafood selection and purification process has no longer any secrets for you. You may be tempted by a 100% local aperitif tasting. The farm has a nice surprise in store for you with a superb exhibition of shells from all over the world.

Lunch. On the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, like insiders, compose your seafood platter or choose local products.

Afternoon. A few minutes from the restaurant, you are at Mont Saint-Michel. Combining a natural site and an architectural feat, the abbey is perched at 80m high. It was built on a rocky islet between the English Channel and the mouth of the Couesnon river, a challenge for men, against time and the assaults of nature. By taking the footbridge, you can admire its Gothic silhouette overlooking a sandy plain subject to the highest tides in Europe. A unique visit to the wonder of the West.

Evening and overnight stay. Heading for Dinard. Facing the sea, your hotel is a true haven of peace. Built in the 19th century by the Faber family, who were at the origin of the town of Dinard. Located between sky and sea, the hotel is in tune with the tides.

Enjoy its well-being spaces to rejunivate in this charming place with its arts deco accents.

With our expert advice on restaurant choices, you can take advantage of your free time to enjoy the villas and art galleries in Dinard. Stroll along the seaside, where the winds are blowing and the sunset is sublime, although capricious.

Why not try a poker game at Dinard’s casino? Located on the dike, facing the sea, in a Belle Époque setting with its 117 slot machines and gaming tables, shiver at English roulette, Black Jack or Texas Hold’em.

Day 4

Departure at 9.30am

Departure from the hotel at 9.30am. At the good will of the sun, moon, clouds and rain, we are on the lookout to ensure you a fabulous day.

Depending on your interests, the day is organised with a sea trip in the morning or afternoon and the discovery of Dinard.

Lunch on the sea or on land, we adapt to the weather conditions. Always with a motto, to make you live a pure moment of happiness.

Head east or west, embark aboard a flagship boat! A tailor-made 4-hour excursion proposed according to your interests between history, terroir and nature. From the sea, you can enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast, its landscapes and the buildings invisible from the land. Admire the 70-metre-high cliffs, a real natural wall, Fort la Latte, Cap Fréhel in the heart of the ornithological reserve or explore the terroir of the Rance Valley.

Visit of the city of Dinard. Recognised as one of the leading thermal and seaside resorts in France, Dinard has been awarded the label Ville et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire. Mainly invested by the English community in the 19th century, many majestic villas and mansions overlook the sea, witnessing an architectural eclecticism. Inspiring city, it was in Dinard that the series of paintings The Bathers were painted by Pablo Picasso. As a garden city, Dinard benefits from a fully-fledged ecosystem and a great underwater wealth. Lovers of nature, panoramas and architecture, you will be dazzled by its elegance.

Day 5

Departure for the Saint-Malo train station

Late morning or late afternoon. Transfer from Dinard to the Saint-Malo station, towards Paris.

Option : We propose you to fly over the Emerald Coast by helicopter for a fabulous ride of 30 or 60 minutes. The promise of another look at Dinard, Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac, Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, Saint-Cast, Fort la Latte, Cap Fréhel, its moors, cliffs, seabirds and lighthouses. The coastline offers a striking contrast between rocky cliffs and long beaches of fine sand. Take advantage of the horizon to distinguish the blue shades of the sea. Your aerial route promises you sumptuous panoramas oscillating between a magnificent natural heritage and the nobility of seaside towns.

Activity available from April to October on request according to the number of people. All flights are subject to weather conditions. They must therefore always be confirmed in advance before the scheduled flight date.

The end of this experience Brittany unique tour is closing in, head full of great moments and beautiful images. Transfer from Dinard-Pleurtuit airport to Saint-Malo station for your return to Paris at the end of the day.

Early afternoon or late afternoon. Reception at the Paris-Montparnasse train station by private chauffeur and transfer to your Parisian residence.

We hereby present a base for your trip. However depending on your response to our contact form and on your involvment, we will be able to design a travel book, just for you.

Our prices include :

  • The first-class return journey by high-speed train from Paris to the Saint-Malo train station.

Arrival D-1

  • Transport with our private chauffeur from your residence in Paris to Gare Montparnasse (Paris) – Mercedes E-Class (2 pers.) or Mercedes V-Class (4 to 6 pers.).
  • Welcome at the Saint-Malo train station by your chauffeur – Mercedes E-Class (2 pers.) or Mercedes V-Class (4 to 6 pers.).
  • Transfer to the 4-star hotel in Saint-Malo.
  • 1 hotel night: Hotel le Grand Bé (20 m² Junior suite) with air conditioning, breakfast included.

Day 1

  • Visit of the city of Saint-Malo and the Hôtel de Magon with a guide.
  • Private visit of a Malouinière and the city of Cancale.
  • Tasting of seafood or pancakes.
  • Admission fees to all sites visited.
  • Transfer to a Relais & Château.
  • 1 hotel night: 4-star Hotel (spacious 30 m² room), breakfast included.

Day 2

  • Departure from the hotel at 9.30am. Direction the oyster farm.
  • Visit of the farm with tasting of Cancale oysters (3 per person with bread and butter).
  • Visit of Mont Saint-Michel with a private guide for access to the Abbey.
  • Transfer to the hotel in Dinard in the late afternoon.
  • 2 nights at the 5-star hotel (Prestige room with sea view); breakfast included.

Day 3

  • Day adapted according to the weather, departure from the hotel around 10.00am.
  • Featured Private Cruise – 4 hours.
  • Guided tour of the city of Dinard.
  • Bistronomic lunch or picnic.

Day 4

  • Free morning at the hotel.
  • Departure around 11.00am from the hotel – Transfer from the hotel to the Saint-Malo TGV station.
  • Arrival in Paris – Transfer from Paris-Montparnasse train station to your Parisian residence.
  • Our concierge service. Passages Secrets is at your disposal during your entire journey.

Our prices does not include:

  • Arrival D-1: Free gastronomic dinner with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 1: Lunch and dinner at your own discretion with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 2: Gastronomic lunch and dinner at your own discretion with Menu à la Carte.
  • Day 3: Dinner at your own discretion with Menu à la carte.
  • Drinks: mineral water, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, tea or coffee, during meals.
  • The drinks in your hotel room.
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  • Possibility of booking your transport by plane or train, departing from your residence in France or abroad, through our partner travel agent. Please contact us.
  • Possibility of booking your hotel room in Paris for the previous night (Day-1) and the last night (Day 4) through our services. Please contact us.
  • The tour is conducted in either English or French.

Option: Discover the Emerald Coast by Helicopter.

Dinard, Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac, Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, Saint-Cast, Fort la Latte, Cap Fréhel, Saint-Malo, Pointe du Grouin, Cancale, Baie du Mont Saint-Michel.

A la Carte flight: 1 hour or 30 min for 2 to 5 people. Please contact us through the: CREATE YOUR STAY tab.

  • Departure late afternoon – Transfer from the hotel to the Saint-Malo TGV station.
  • Arrival in Paris – Transfer from Paris-Montparnasse train station to your Parisian residence.


Prices in euros.

Payment: 100% upon reservation. For cancellation fees, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

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