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Inspirations offers you to live unique experiences in France. It is a notebook filled with beautiful discoveries of French savoir faire and heritage.
It allows us to share with you the stories of men and women through their magnificent creations.

As you travel with Passages Secrets, we will guide you, like explorers, so that you can build, gather
and share your memories of travels in France.

The most beautiful Travel book to create remains the one that looks like you.

PARIS Center

Workshop The Art of Entertaining in private place

Atelier art de recevoir - Paris Passages Secrets - Explore France

Unique in Paris. Visit Jaqueline’s apartment and lecture on the art of the table at La Francaise followed by a tea-time.
After studying management, sociology in Paris VIII-Vincennes, history of art at the Ecole du Louvre, Jacqueline devoted herself to writing many books on the art of receiving French-style. She regularly gives lectures on the art of receiving French, lately for the Palace of Versailles, abroad as in Lebanon at the request of the Academy of Higher Diplomatic Studies or in Moscow for Hermès.
Jacqueline introduces you, not only to the art of setting a table, but its history over the centuries and its mise-en-scène.
Receiving around a table is a very French tradition, practiced and rediscovered at each event. Whether social, family or professional, each element of the decoration, the dishes and the lights has its role to play.

PARIS Center

For the Love of Parfume


Amber, Woody, Chypre (Sandalwood), Floral, Oriental…

The Art of Perfume invokes rituals that go deep into our culture. Always imaginative, the relationship between a woman and her perfume, or between a man and his after shave, go way beyond a mere gesture. The history of perfume rolls back the years from the origins of humanity to the present day. Perfume has always fascinated men. A one time sacred elixir with mysterious virtues, it became the privilege of Kings and Queens and a powerful means of seduction. Perfume has always left its mark on history.

On the road to the kingdom of fragrances, for a first meeting in the form of a workshop During a unique experience, you will become a perfume maker thanks to passionate and expert professionals They will select, assemble and supply the best raw materials from Grasse, the world’scapital of perfume Each participant will receive a bottle with his/her customized blend With coffee, tea and tasting of 4 chocolates perfumed with rose, pink berries, vetiver and bitter oranges.


Workshop Learn how to make a true Parisian baguette

atelier baguette de pain

A private encounter with a reputed Parisian bake.
Best Worker in France,
Discover the secrets of one of the most famous delicacy in France the baguette! Step on the other side of the dough kneader in an authentic Parisian bakery The competition winner at making the best croissants in Ile de France in 2013 and 2014 will teach you all the techniques for baking baguettes and croissants. Get your hands dirty (What better experience than this to be initiated to this French ancestral know how?


Wokshop The Art of Entertaining


Because harmony increases the pleasure of the senses, the composition of a table is a stage play where every detail plays its part to create the magic Here we go centre stage to take the role traditionally played by the Mistress of the House! Passages Secrets has created a workshop unique to Paris, the meeting point of style and design We will introduce you, not just to the art of setting a table, but to its mise en scène Receiving around a table is a very French tradition, practiced and rediscovered with each event Whether it be social, family or professional, each element of decoration, tableware and lights has its role to play Embodying the refinement of Haute Orfèvrerie meeting with illustrates the elegance of the French art de vivre through


“Gemology” Inspiration

The Timeless of Jewels by Passages Secrets - A unique experience to learn about gemology!

Precious Stone Workshop
A unique experience to learn about gemology! The history of precious and semi-precious stones has fascinated us since the dawn of time and is the source of countless legends and beliefs. Some of them are probably familiar to you such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds or diamonds, unalterable symbols of love, but what about the others, just as beautiful, sometimes even more so? During a meeting with our gemologist Christine – who will welcome you in her Parisian apartment, you will learn to discover and observe them! Even though charm works instinctively, visual beauty cannot be the only criterion for evaluating a gem. How to make a diagnosis? How to choose a gem that suits you or how to use each gem ? All these are the answers you will get during this gemology initiation workshop, at the end of which your wise eye will become your best ally….
3H Workshop

PARIS Montmartre

Take a pose and leave with your Naguéreotype ©

Daguerre or Nadar - Passages Secrets

Passages Secrets takes you to the heart of one of Paris’ emblematic districts. You are at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, a stone’s throw from the hectic Pigalle. Khriska, the photographer, and Flow, the alchemist, have combined their talents to create an extraordinary place, unique in France: a photographic studio in the tradition of the great French inventors and photographers Nadar, Le Gray and Daguerre.

Immerse yourself in history: you will discover an exceptional photographic collection from Europe and the United States. At the dawn of photography, you will make an unusual stopover between 1850 and 1870. Time has no hold, everything is a story of discovery and sharing. In front of the imposing brass lens of the workshop room, become a model and pose as a duo, solo, with family or friends. Guided by Khriska’s artistic vision and under Flow’s assured guidance, you will be portrayed in the manner of Daguerre or Nadar. Your Naguéreotype © is elaborated as it was in the past. Under the red light of the laboratory, you will witness the development of your plaque. Your image is magically revealed on this unique, timeless and forever precious object. You will take back home your framed picture and leave with a moment of life.


Gourmet tours – épicerie fine – 5 dégustations

Gourmet tours épicerie fine

For demanding palate.
Real Barracks of Ali Baba the fine grocery store has always existed in Paris, they are full of carefully selected wines and champagnes, high end confectionery.
From salty to sweet, hundreds of products fill counters, shelves and showcases Often associated with the history of Paris, the Fine Groceries of Paris each have their own story, often related to the personality of the owners see their ancestors One certainty, each product is rigorously selected to offer only the best terroirs in France Secrets Passages offers you with an Ambassador of French Gastronomy to discover the 3 most beautiful addresses in the capital just for the pleasure of your taste buds.


Wokshop The Art of wine Tasting


Wine tasting is both an art and a science, but above all a great moment of pleasure! Magic happens for wine lovers. The workshop The Art of Wine Tasting with Les Grands Vins of the French terroirs, allows you to discover the three principles and phases of wine tasting visual examination to appreciate the appearance of the wine, olfactive examination to appreciate the aromas, and finally, gustatory examination which allows you to evaluate the taste of the wine One of our oenology experts, an Ambassador of French wine, welcomes you to share and transmit his knowledge of wine with passion.
The workshop The Art of Wine Tasting with Les Grands Vins of the French terroirs, allows you to discover the three principles and phases of wine tasting visual examination to appreciate the appearance of the wine, olfactive examination to appreciate the aromas, and finally, gustatory examination which allows you to evaluate the taste of the wine One of our oenology experts, an Ambassador of French wine, welcomes you to share and transmit his knowledge of wine with passion.


Walk Parisian Cafés

Cafés Parisiens visite

Spending time at the café has been trendy in France since the 17 th century.
The high society were rushing in the brand new Procope very first café to clear the way for a new kind of establishments to appear People began gathering there to talk The new cafés were major places for developing the ideas of the French Revolution but also for encouraging arts until the 20 th century.
Treat yourself to the telling of stories and secrets of the Parisian lifestyle. Discover the Procope, the Café De Flore, Les Deux Magots, the Saint Germain covered market and the Brasserie Lipp where artists writers and philosophers were used to come, seeking inspiration Snack in one of those legendary places to round off the tour.
An expert guide for an exclusive custom made tour


La Parisienne, few hours with your Personal shopper


Fashion is multi faceted. It expresses both a certain conservatism and a total rejection of belonging to any one category. It takes inspiration from themes developed by artists and plays a predominant role in society. Each
culture has its own fashion, but Paris with its French Touch, remains the Capital of Elegance that we wish to share with you. Your Ambassadress will accompany and advise you through the most beautiful fashion sites Paris has to
offer: le Triangle d’Or, la rue Saint Honoré , le Marais, Saint Germain des Prés … 100 %


Shopping at Saint Ouen flea market with personnal shopper!

Les Puces de Saint Ouen by Passages Secrets

The Flea Market also called the Puces is a real institution and since 2001 has been recognized as a “Zone for the Protection of Architectural, Urban, and Landscape Heritage (ZPPAUP)” thanks to its unusual ambiance and
atmosphere It is considered as the largest antiques market and second hand shop in the world. Some of them are covered, others are open air markets and every one of them overflows with varied goods, from all periods and countries At the Flea Market, you can bargain hunt classic antiques or restored top end goods such as furniture, paintings, bronzes, art items or tapestries, mirrors, lamps, dishes Whether you’re looking to buy one specific piece or fill an entire container our personal shopping antique buying guides share their vast knowledge of secret sources to take you to all the right places and buy at the right price.


Champagne Masterclass So French !

Masterclass Champagne Paris - private tours champagne

Everything you wanted to know about the wine of kings, and the king of wines, but were too afraid to ask! What is the difference between champagne, cava, crémant and prosecco? What should I look for on a label? How long should I keep a bottle? What is your favourite type of bubbly?
This 3 hour masterclass is led by our ambassador, a certified wine professional who was voted Best Wine Tasting in Paris in 2018. During the masterclass you will taste 4 different champagnes made by women that illustrate the different types of grapes, terroirs and winemaking methods. You will learn about the history and geography of Champagne, the characteristics of the 7 types of grape varieties permitted in Champagne, and you will get tips for pairing champagne with food. A pure moment of bliss and bubbly to share. The workshop takes place in one of our secret addresses.


Gourmet escapade in the realm of chocolate

Gourmet tours chocolat

The Cocoa Bean Originally consumed in the form of xocoatl, is a drink with therapeutic and spiritual virtues prized by the Aztecs. After more than 3000 years of history chocolate is still a companion in many moments of
our life Do you know what Chocolate is made of? Do you know the different names? With the great masters Artisans Chocolatiers French, Passages Secrets invites you to a tasting Go like explorers through the neighborhoods of Saint Germain des Prés or the Marais to discover the treasures of our most famous Parisian chocolatiers 4 tastings minimum incredible hot chocolate, financial, Amarylis or Opera, ganaches with herbs, and finally with the superstar macaroon!
Madame de Sevigne wrote to her daughter that she drank chocolate evening and morning ::”That’s what I find pleasant, it’s that he acts according to the intention.


Creative workshop of floral

Atelier Art Floral Paris

An emblematic figure in the world of florists and also internationally recognized, Clarisse has become a reference in the creation of bucolic and poetic floral design. With elegance and simplicity, your experience is tinged with refinement and the discovery of rare essences.
You are participating in a floral workshop in the heart of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, one of the most central in the historic heart of Paris, the Louvre district.
Take the paths across to meet the world of refined gardens where nature expresses scale and beauty, nature is queen and follows the rhythm of the seasons. Composite bouquets, plant curiosities and original vases, a pure moment of inspiration for your future floral creations.


Where cheese is an edible work of art

Fromage à Paris - dégustation

They are in love with the farm, the countryside and the mountains Damien epicurean at heart, Pierre best workman (MOF), they have naturally united their passion around cheese Each cheese is selected directly from the producer to compose your plate and invite you to the tasting.
Do you know? The Crèmeux of Burgundy with Truffle, Smoked Goat with Juniper Bay, The Perail des Cabasses the famous Comte 36 months old or because at Passages Secrets we are convinced that all the cheeses of the earth are to discover, you can taste Shropshire came from England.
We invite your palate to marry your pleasures with a nice selection of sparkling white wine, Alscace wine or a Crozes Hermitage red wine


Below the painting of the Le Louvre

Visite du Louvre

Have a fresh look at the world widely known masterpieces of the museum Discover their secret meanings the explanations of the painters choices the reasons why they are the way they are. Why is Mona Lisa so famous. Why has The Raft Of Medusa been disappearing with time? What subliminal image can we find in The Death of The Virgin (Caravaggio)?
Get all the answers to these questions and take a further step in the understanding of the artists minds. Read between the drawing lines of Le Louvre. Get intimate with those masterpieces and solve their many mysteries.
An expert guide for a private andcustom made tour Direct access


The Ile Saint Louis and its secrets

Visite Ile Saint Louis et ses secrets.

Since the 17 th century, the Ile Saint Louis has become one of the French aristocracy’s favourite places. They made of it a major landmark of architectural heritage Dubbed ‘the isle of palaces’, it is a perfect combination of countryside’s charm and townhouses prestige. The serenity of the area has drawn to it numerous artists writers and celebrities. Discover the mysterious dwellings of the island (the Hotel De Lauzun, the prestigious Hotel Lambert and others). Your guide will explain to you how and why it has become such a key area in Paris over the years. Do not hesitate to enter the delicatessens of the island. Taste a few French gastronomic specialties Walk into an original wine cellar and meet a cheese producer. An expert guide for a private and custom made tour. Access to the typical delicatessens of the isle

Chic & Choc Picnic

giverny picnic - passages secrets private tour

What could be more romantic or friendly than to have a picnic on a square in Paris or on the banks of the Seine? Karina, our Passages Secrets Ambassador, travels through Paris in search of bistronomic treasures and composes your picnic basket with producers and craftsmen who have only one objective: to help you discover their best products. Express your desires, tell us about your diet and let Karina surprise you with a “chic and choc” basket. You will share a pure moment of pleasure!
Here are some suggestions: wine, sparkling mineral water, fruit juices, baguettes, delicatessen (sausage and ham), cheeses, quiche or savory tart(s), butter, pickles, chips, tomatoes and basil, green salad, seasonal fruit/berries, pastry (“tarte tatin”, lemon tart, mille-feuille…).

In case of bad weather, we will take you to a secret address.

In practice: we will define together the picnic location according to your place of residence in Paris and we will meet you at the time that best suits you. We count up to two hours for the picnic.


Visit of Opéra Garnier

Admirerez le plafond de l'Opéra Garnier entièrement rénové et réinventé en 1964 par Marc Chagall.

Visiting the Opera Garnier will take us to the lively streets and the Haussmann boulevards that surround the Palais. We will learn why this symbol of the Second Empire was built in this area and how the young impressionist painters like Caillebotte and Degas dubbed it the “Modern Paris”.
The Opéra Garnier was built under Napoleon III as part of Paris reorganisation plan. It is the largest opera of Europe. Follow the ballerinas and be amazed by the opulent architecture of the monument, the profusion of its scenery and the variety of materials When the visitors are gone, get to the more secret places of the Palais Garnier. You will admire the ceiling of the Opera Garnier was completely renovated and re imagined in 1964. It took a full chairmanship of this imposing work The ceiling of the Opéra Garnier pays homage to 14 major composers of opera and lyrical music, as well as their works. Marc Chagall, assisted by Roland Bierge Paul Versteeg and Jules Paschal, found his way into the history of art in Paris.
With our Ambassador guide for a private custom made tour