Workshops and private tours in France

Inspirations by Passages Secrets offers you to live unique experiences in France. It is filled with beautiful discoveries of French savoir faire and heritage.
It allows us to share with you the stories of men and women through their magnificent creations.

As you travel with Passages Secrets, we will guide you, like explorers, so that you can build, gather
and share your memories of travel in France.

The most beautiful travel book to create remains the one that looks like you.


WALKING TOUR « The Lifestyle of a Gentleman in 18th Century Bordeaux »

Travel back over 200 years and discover the typical day of a nobleman in Bordeaux. Your ambassador, with his superb moustache and natural elegance, seems to come straight from this era. The buildings are still there, sumptuous and brimming with centuries of history and anecdotes. Under the exalted narrative of our passionate guide, you will be instantly plunged into that era. From squares to avenues, you will discover the most beautiful and richest places of 18th century Bordeaux. From Place Royale or Place Richelieu to the Royal Garden… and many more.


WORKSHOP « Bordeaux Gourmet & Savoury Stroll »

Passages Secrets - Gourmet

Savor the sumptuous flavors of Bordeaux with scenic and historic promenades between your tastings. You will experience 5 different tastings. For your starter, you will visit one of the oldest cheese shops in the city. As special guests you will enjoy the exceptional tour of the amazing cheese caves, where you will taste three cheeses and two wines. Then, you will titillate your taste buds by tasting mustards from the most famous French producer. The last 3 tastings will be 100% sweet. Among them, you will visit a world-renowned Bordelaise company, known for their resurrection of the canelé. You will learn about the history of this traditional dessert and how its creation in Bordeaux is related to wine! Whether creamy, soft, crunchy or melting, each one of these regional delicacies will show you its own enchanting personality.


WORKSHOP « Antiques & Treasures »

Bordeaux antiques and treasures walking tour Passages secrets

What better way to discover Bordeaux and its history than hunting for genuine antiques through the old cobbled streets… and bring home some great memories as well! In the company of our expert guide, you will stroll through the flea market, explore shops or visit streets filled with genuine French antiques. Whether you are looking for a specific treasure or just want to embrace the diversity and abundance of art,, books, furniture and bric-à-brac, a moment of discovery and pleasure awaits you.


WORKSHOP « Shop in chic Bordeaux »

Your ambassadress Hella will save you time and find the perfect match for you as she weaves through the history and anecdotes of beautiful Bordeaux. Whether you are interested in French Haute Couture or cozy designer boutiques specialized in items made in France, this tour is made for you. Your personal shopping guide will help you find what you are looking for.  You can visit artisanal jewelry shops to see where fine bracelets and earrings are crafted in this vibrant city.  You will meet with shop owners who are friendly and courteous on this getaway shopping spree!


WALKING TOUR « Americans in Bordeaux »

Bordeaux walking tour The Americans in Bordeaux Passages secrets

From the colonization of America to the investments of the 21st century, this tour will unveil some of the main events that link French and American history! The visit starts with the American exploration by the Frenchman Jacques Cartier in the 16th  century. Then it  goes through The Enlightenment and American Independence from the English. Going froward it steps to Thomas Jefferson’s brief stay in Bordeaux and American wine merchants in the 18th century. A leap leads you to the 20th Century and WWI where Bordeaux ‘New Bassens’ was entirely built by the American regiments. The tour will end in the the 21st century, with current investment and finest Bordeaux wine Chateaux owned by Americans !


WALKING TOUR « Bordeaux by Night »

Discover Bordeaux the “sleeping beauty” decked out in her loveliest finery. The monuments in the heart of the city are beautifully illuminated at night and will come alive with your ambassador’s historical narratives. Since 2007, Bordeaux joined the privileged circle of UNESCO world heritage cities. With more protected buildings than any other French city other than Paris, its architectural ensembles of the early 18th century onwards position the city as an outstanding example of innovative classical and neoclassical trends and give it an exceptional urban and architectural unity and coherence. Amateur photographers, romantics, or individuals who simply enjoy evening strolls will love this tour under the night lights and the stars.


CIRCUIT « Heritage Tour in a Vintage Car »

Passages Secrets - Voitures de collection

Get acquainted with French elegance in a Citroën DS vintage car, a true icon of the French “glorious thirty”, the three decades from 1955 to 1975, an era which evokes romanticism, authenticity, good manners, and warmth in French hearts.
Culture, shopping, history… live the Bordelais whirlwind life. Zoom around the city of light and all its quaint, and charming landmarks, the “Place de la Bourse”, the docks, Place Camille Jullian, Quartier Saint-Michel, Place de la Victoire …
Under our guidance, you will discover places only a true Bordealais knows, for a taste of French “Gastronomie”, the visit of wonderful sights, or simply to get a drink on the banks of the Garonne, this experience contains all the elements that define the Bordelais spirit.


WORKSHOP « Toast in the Treetops »

Workshop Toast in the treetop Passages Secrets

Tasting Sauternes 1er Grand Cru Classé in 1855
45 mn from Bordeaux, live a unique and unusual experience in Sauternes.

Eager for new experiences and thrills? What would you say to tasting a Sauternes 1er Grand Cru Classé perched at 8 or 11 meters above the ground?
Your experience will start with a visit of the property’s cellars.
Then, a qualified instructor will ensure your safe ascent of a bicentennial cedar, to a hanging table, at which you will enjoy an unforgettable wine tasting. No need to be a high-level athlete to reach the top. There you are, safe and ready for a most unusual experience. Take a deep breath and enjoy this delicate wine and the exceptional panorama of the region from this incredible 360° vantage point!


Château Venus « Feel Like a Bird, Fly from the Land to the Ocean »

Passages Secrets - Vol
Passages Secrets - Vol 2

90 minutes of discovery in flight and happiness in the middle of nature!

Your plane is ready for you on runway 3; but you can hardly imagine the beauty that awaits you. You will begin with a quick fly over the Garonne river, with the vineyards of Graves to your left, the Entre-Deux-Mers to your right. Cape to the west, en route to the big blue. On the way, you will fly above the majestic Château de La Brède and its moat, still full of water. The horizon is slowly revealed, it is Biganos, its port and especially the Leyre river which winds its way among the reeds to the Bassin d’Arcachon.
A sea in the middle of the land, then the first salt marshes. You will follow the coastline and see the oyster-farming villages: Audenge, Lanton, Andernos, Arès, Gujan Mestras, the Canon, Cap Ferret …
You will cross the Bay of Arcachon to join Bird Island with is home to no fewer than 250 listed species! The Cabanes Tchanquées are there, in the middle of the water. The city of Arcachon looks on… You will fly towards the tip of Cap Ferret, the Banc d’Arguin and the Dune du Pyla, which is the highest sand dune in Europe!
This 360° view will enable you to discover the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a magical and unforgettable experience, which will leave you floating above the clouds.


Bordeaux to Saint-Emilion – Pomerol vineyard (1 day)

Passages Secrets - St Emillion - Pomerol
Passages Secrets - St Emillion - Pomerol 2

Period: all year round

Our wine tour will take you on a historic journey to reveal the secrets of the French wine estates.

In this region internationally reputed for its wines, the “Bordeaux wine route in Saint-Émilion, Pomerol”, will take you up the right bank of the Dordogne, between Bordeaux and Bergerac, and the northern part of l’Entre-Deux-Mers. The jewel of the territory is the magnificent medieval town of Saint-Émilion, recognized by UNESCO for its “Cultural landscape”. It’s one of the most iconic Bordeaux vineyards.

The “Bordeaux wine route in Saint-Émilion, Pomerol, Fronsac” stands out thanks to the homogeneity of its landscapes, its geology (subsoil with mainly limestone), the concentration of its vineyards, and the importance of family-run farms (small and medium properties), in contrast with the main domains of  the “Bordeaux wine route in the Médoc“.

Departure at 9 am from your residence with your guide/driver to the Saint-Émilion vineyards. Your morning begins with a private guided tour of the medieval village of Saint-Emilion, a true open-air museum but also an underground museum. To immerse yourself fully in this site and complete the discovery at your own pace, you have free time to explore the village.
Lunch: we propose a bistronomic lunch.
After this gourmet break, the day continues with a visit to the technical installations of two estates, one Grand Cru Saint-Émilion and one Grand Cru Pomerol. Followed by wine tasting, these visits offer an immersion in the heart of two great regional “Grand cru” vineyards, each with their own distinctive character. However, each wine tour can be customized according to your wishes , subject to the availability of the properties , of course !

At the end of the afternoon, around 6pm, after this tour through the vineyards, your chauffeur will drop you off at your accommodation in Bordeaux


Bordeaux to Médoc (1 day)

Passages Secrets - Vignobles 2
Passages Secrets - Bordeaux Medoc

Period: all year round

In 1855, Napoleon III grew to appreciate the true potential of Medoc wines. For the Universal Exhibition of Paris, he called upon a system of classification. He ordered the creation of the Great Growth Classification (Classement des Grand Crus). The most prestigious wines have since been classified in one of 5 categories, from the 1st to 5th growths. This system protected the value of the wines for negotiators and the most prestigious chateaux. Therefor five red wine appellations bear the coveted premier grand cru in the 1855 classification of Bordeaux wines. Four of them are Médoc wines.

The Médoc is home to 8 AOC (Appellations contrôlées): Médoc, Haut-Médoc, Moulis-en-Médoc, Listrac-Médoc, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint-Julien and Margaux.
Several of the better-known chateaux can be found in the south of the region. But there are fantastic wines across the Médoc. Some of the lesser known greats offer superb wines at more accessible prices than the larger estates. The famous wine writer, Jancis Robinson suggested that some of the best Bordeaux wines come from the vineyards that dip their toes in the estuary.

Departure at 9am from your residence with your guide/driver. The day starts with a visit to a Chateau in the Médoc area. It will be followed by a tasting at the property.

Lunch: we propose a bistronomic lunch.

After lunch, visit of two more Châteaux, in one of the main Médoc appellations. Discover the vineyard and enjoy a tasting at the property. Your ambassador will tell you how the Bordeaux merchants and dignitaries have invested in the Médoc lands to promote the vineyard. Within two centuries, the Médoc vineyard has been strongly developed. Today, it boasts the largest properties of the Bordeaux region. During the wine tour, your ambassador will give you the keys to enjoy the most famous Médoc wines, and to understand the specificities of each of the 6 (red) grape varieties that are allowed in their production.

At the end of the afternoon, around 6pm, after this tour through the vineyards, your chauffeur will drop you off at your accommodation in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux to Sauternes & Graves (1 day)

Passages Secrets Sauternes - Graves
Passages Secrets Sauternes - Graves (2)

Period: all year round, except Monday

The Bordeaux wine route in Graves and Sauternes is known for its microclimate, which is perfect for grape growing.
The red wines are made from Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec and Petit Verdot grapes which give the classic, ruby red color to the wines. The dry white wines are made from Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle grapes. To the south of Graves, Sauternes sits on a gently undulating terrain, with the Ciron river running through it. The combination of the morning mists from the stream and the autumn sun contribute to the appearance of the ‘noble rot’ used to make the world-renowned sweet white wines.

Take a journey to explore the origins of the wines of Bordeaux, on the Graves and Sauternes wine trails. It was in the Graves appellation that the first ever Bordeaux vines were planted, over 2000 years ago.

Departure at 9am from your residence with your guide/driver heading towards the southern gates of the Graves. The Sauternes AOC produces a sweet wine, including the very famous Château Yquem, which was added to the official 1855 classification of Bordeaux wines.
Private visit of the vineyard’s cellars, followed by a vertical tasting of 3 vintages at the Château, Premier Grand Cru Classé.
Lunch: the starred restaurant unleashes its splendor! Discover a place unique to the region in a 17th century building, perfectly integrated into the serene landscape of the vineyards. As it is difficult to leave this exceptional venue, we have decided to keep you on site to share another tasting and visit the estate.

The afternoon continues with another château and the tasting of an exceptional Grand Cru. You will discover an emblematic fortress perched upon a hill overlooking the Sauternes & Barsac appellation.

At the end of the afternoon, around 6pm, after this tour through the vineyards, your chauffeur will drop you off at your accommodation in Bordeaux


Bordeaux to Sauternes (1 day)

Passages Secrets - Sauternes
Passages Secrets Chateau Rayne Vigneau (27)

Period: all year round, except Monday

Immerse yourself in the universe of the Grands Crus, in the heart of the Sauternes.
Welcome to the property for an exceptional oenological day.

The official classification of 1855 places the Vigneau among the first producers of Sauternes. Since the beginning of the 17th century, the château has been a sure value of the “Sauternes” appellation.  Vintage after vintage, il claims a style full of intensity and freshness. In 1867, the great broker Daney gave it the first place immediately after Yquem. It was Albert de Pontac, Madame de Rayne’s nephew, who bestowed the name “Rayne Vigneau” upon the estate.

The vineyard extends over 84 hectares in a single block. Settled on a vast hilltop it overlooks the Sauternes region. Its subsoil of sandy gravel, atop a clay base, reveals astonishing riches, agates, sapphires, rock crystals, which contribute to the creation of this precious wine.

The vines are 30 years old on average. They are divided between Semillon (74%), Sauvignon Blanc (24%), which brings the note of freshness typical of the wines of the Château, and Muscadelle (2%).

Departure at 9 am from your place of residence with your driver. After a 40mn drive, your day begins with a perched tasting. Supervised by a professional tree climber, you will be invited to the top of a bicentennial cedar. You will climb the rope up to a hanging table to sample the 1er Grand Cru Classé of the château. An ideal vantage point to admire the panorama of the Sauternes vineyards and the Ciron valley.
Lunch at the property. The chef awaits you for a culinary discovery. Succumb to the carefully selected food and wine pairings.

Afternoon: Time for tasting! “To taste well is primarily to talk and exchange: everyone has different perceptions”. This experience will appeal to your 5 senses : sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. Discover the golden and amber color or the fine and subtle taste of almond, quince or citrus fruits, under the influence of toasted notes inherited from the barrel. The promise of a convivial moment that awakens your senses and makes you want to appreciate every gesture, every aroma, every flavor.