Christofle, Immersion into French art of living

Maison Christofle, an immersion in French art of living

Christofle is a French luxury House that, in the tradition of the French art of living, embodies the art of sharing. Through sharing – with family, with a loved one, with friends and relations – Christofle speaks to contemporary aesthetes, hedonists and globetrotters who know that beauty, elegance and refinement enhance the shared moments, making them even more powerful and precious.

The company was founded in 1830 by Charles Christofle. In 1842, he acquired the patents for silver and gold metal electroplating. More durable and less harmful than traditional techniques, electroplating and gilding made it possible to manufacture pieces on a massive scale. Christofle was the only patent holder in France for 15 years. This made Christofle a major player in the 19th century silver industry and an integral player in art of living today.
One of his first clients was none other than the French King, Louis-Philippe I. The King actually ordered a full service for the Chateau d’Eu in Normandy, a vacation spot for the French royal family.

Maison Christofle uses entirely handmade manufacturing. The precious trades of spinning, embossing, carving, engraving, perpetuated by its craftsmen immortalize the qualities of elegance and excellence. The know-how of its highly qualified craftsmen is transmitted from teacher to student thus constituting the living heritage of Christofle. True “Living Treasures”, the Master Goldsmiths are the guardians of the sustainability and quality of Christofle know-how.

In addition to its studio’s creations, Christofle collaborates with renowned designers and artists to produce ambitious pieces illustrating its vision of the art of sharing. Produced by the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France), these pieces – works by artists and designers, historical reprints and reproductions, and custom-made and exceptional commissions – are all crafted in the Christofle workshops in Normandy (France).

Present in 70 countries, the art of sharing by Christofle has spread worldwide but its know-how can only be observed in France.

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Top image: Know-how, matrix creation for stamping the cutlery©Koox productions
Side image: Eden Garden collection designed by Marcel Wanders for Christofle. ©LuxProd

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