Roast capon with foie gras stuffing

Time for Christmas dinner!
Savour our locally inspired – from Burgundy- selected recipe.

With Christmas approching here is a great opportunity to reveal a culinary specialty traditionally served on this festive occasion.
The most important occasion in France, Christmas brings the whole family together for a warm and tasty dinner.
As the main French region for the production of exceptional poultry, its famous capon brings a bit of Burgundy to many French Christmas tables. Remembering its generous aroma and tasty roasted flavor from last year’s Christmas – I couldn’t help sharing the recipe with you.

Roast capon with foie gras stuffing

Ingredients – Servings: 8  
For a capon of at least 3kg

Stale bread 150 grams
Milk 20 cl
Finely chopped onions 125 grams
“Bayonne” type ham 150 grams
Sausage meat 150 grams
“Mi-cuit” foie gras 150 grams
White pudding (sausage) 2
Eggs 2
Oil 1 tablespoon
Butter 150 grams (50 g per kg of capon)
Armagnac (or Cognac) 2 tablespoons
Chopped parsley 1 tablespoon
Sugar 1 tablespoon

Preparation: 45min  –  Cooking: 4h20

  1. The stuffing:

> Wet the bread with the milk.
> chop the onions, and Sauté the onions until translucent, about 2 minutes.
> Take the rind off the ham and chop it coarsely.
> Take the skins off the white sausages and cut them into cubes.
> Also cut the foie gras into cubes.
> Squeeze the milk out of the bread and crumble it coarsely,
> Chop the parsley.
> Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl with the sausage meat, the eggs, the Armagnac and the sugar.
> Season with salt and pepper. Mix well.

  1. Roast capon

> Preheat the oven 400 F (220°C).
> Season the inside of the capon with salt and pepper.
> Fill the cavity of the capon with the stuffing. Sew it closed with cooking twine and then truss it.
> Put the capon in a large oven pan,
> Generously coat it in butter, add salt and pepper.
> Put into the oven at mid height and
> Cook 25 minutes per pound, turning the capon from time to time and basting it often with its juice.

  1. Prepare to serve

> Cut the capon by separating the limbs and cutting the breasts into 1 cm thick slices.Place them onto a hot serving dish as you cut them.
> Take out the stuffing and cut it into slices. Place them in the centre of the warm dish.
> Strain the cooking juice, degrease, correct the seasoning and pour into a hot sauce boat.

Ready for dinner. As the recipe contains foie gras, white wine from Burgundy such as  Meursault., Santenay or Montrachet would be a great pairing.

Enjoy your meal!

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