Canadian born, Tanya is a resolutely modern woman.  She combined her convictions and creativity to create the world’s first line of multi-height adjustable shoes with removable heels.   Passages Secrets, always attentive to women’s well being, just couldn’t resist including Tanya Heath Paris in our fashion journey, Secrets of Elegance.  Reduce space in your luggage with these versatile shoes and never carry a pair of ballerina’s in your handbag again! For the first time ever, the heel is elevated to the ranks of fashion accessory.  With the click of a heel you can change not just the style but the function of your shoes.  Tanya shares our respect for French craftsmanship and sustainable development.  The technology is French and the heels are made and hand finished in Angers using the finest leathers.  Only a French brand could so successfully combine fashion with innovation so that you can explore Paris in comfort and in style.


Founded in 1672 by Pierre Diaz, “La Distillerie Frères” was the first perfumery to distill lavender and rose essences to scent gloves. During the 18th century, its essence of rose was especially appreciated by Queen Marie-Antoinette, who oversaw the purchase of the product herself. In exclusive partnership with the King’s vegetable Garden in Versailles, Nina’s Marie-Antoinette perpetuates this unique know-how and great legacy. Flavored with the King’s vegetable Garden’s apples and roses, the iconic Marie Antoinette tea unveils the art of royal tasting. The boutique’s intimate and feminine decor charms us as much as this house’s history … A royal getaway in all simplicity!


The Alexandra Sojfer House designs exceptional umbrellas that require unique know-how. Handcrafted in the brand’s workshops, all raw materials are chosen with the greatest care. Each model is then sewn, piece by piece, in the workshops, both for series and unique numbered pieces. A rare craftsmanship transmitted over generations that inscribes the Alexandra Sojfer house in the great French tradition of luxury.


Founded in Paris in 1827 by Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy, the Duvelleroy fan house was born of a dream, that of putting the fan in the hands of women. A sumptuous ball given by the Duchess of Berry will fulfill this wish: a dance revived the fan fashion and launched the house. It gained its reputation with its sewed fans, embroidered with sequins and its fans in plated or whole feathers. Supplier to the most famous women of this world, the house has been revitalized by the commitment of two passionate women: Raphaëlle de Panafieu and Eloïse Gilles.


Patrick Roger is a famous yet atypical chocolate maker. Chocolate World Cup Winner in 1994, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 2000, he is also a sculptor. Its green shops display its works and contain treasures that will satisfy the most demanding gourmets. Dive into the universe of this genius creator!


Inspired by the naturally rich and preserved territory of the Haute-Marne in which they live, the founders of Maison Baluchon have chosen to create a brand reflecting their direct environment. The company designs custom-made fashion accessories and mobilizes local know-how from seamstresses and craftsmen to conceive its accessories (design, printing,  leather work…).


This is the story of three friends, passionate about Decorative Arts and the restoration of historical interiors and wallpapers, who fell in love with a craft technique that had fallen into oblivion: dominotery. In 2012, they decided to join forces to revive this 18th-century French know-how and founded the company “A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson”. This name is a tribute to the Marquise de Pompadour, born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, amateur of arts and wallpapers. This trio of enthusiasts enable us to discover the charm of the intimate interior decorations of the eighteenth century.