Canadian born, Tanya is a resolutely modern woman.  She combined her convictions and creativity to create the world’s first line of multi-height adjustable shoes with removable heels.   Passages Secrets, always attentive to women’s well being, just couldn’t resist including Tanya Heath Paris in our fashion journey, Secrets of Elegance.  Reduce space in your luggage with these versatile shoes and never carry a pair of ballerina’s in your handbag again! For the first time ever, the heel is elevated to the ranks of fashion accessory.  With the click of a heel you can change not just the style but the function of your shoes.  Tanya shares our respect for French craftsmanship and sustainable development.  The technology is French and the heels are made and hand finished in Angers using the finest leathers.  Only a French brand could so successfully combine fashion with innovation so that you can explore Paris in comfort and in style.